Beating the Odds - Hayley Stewart Story

Beating the Odds – The Hayley Stewart Story hits Perth Fringe Festival for its inaugural performance. A first for Fringe Festival, this is an adult’s only cabaret show performed at an adult’s only venue, set to open your mind to the world of erotic dance. The story of Hayley Stewart is one from little dancer to owning the Voodoo Lounge. A journey through WA’s unique underground genres of erotic dance and political theatre, from the “banned” pub show era, to pole-dancing and choreographed cabaret, confronting notions of femininity and sub-cultural identity. A thought provoking roller-coaster of clever erotic cabaret, raising questions on taboo, mythology, femininity and politics in a young dancer’s rite-of-passage through Perth’s iconic mindscape.The show which rans every Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat Night of Fringe Festival in 2017 and won the best show at Fringeworld that year.

Chapter 1 - Prolog

Chapter 1 - Intro Show

Chapter 2 - The Wild West

Chapter 2 - Live Show

Chapter 3 - Erotic Aerobics

Chapter 3 - Live Show

Chapter 4 - The Ban

Chapter 4 - Live Show

Chapter 5 - Damned Whores...

Chapter 5 - Live Show

Chapter 6 - The Face

Chapter 6 - Live Show

Chapter 7 - No Regrets

Chapter 7 - Live Show

Chapter 8 - French Bums

Chapter 8 - Live Show

Chapter 9 - Blue is the Colour...

Chapter 9 - Live Show

Chapter 10 - Bondage

Chapter 10 - Live Show

Chapter 11 - Stylish Girl

Chapter 11 - Live Show

Chapter 12 - Tarot

Chapter 12 - The End & Thank you