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December 2021
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Aug 11 2021


8:30 pm - 1:00 am

The event is finished.

Best Breasts in the West Competition 2021

Best Breasts in the West Competition 2021

Undoubtedly a subject everyone has an opinion on: breasts, bazookas, norks, chest puppies, call them what you like, everyone loves them.

So we thought it was only right they should have a show all to themselves.

The Best Breast in the West Competition invites all, um, outstanding women to enter either the amateur or professional categories of this event.

You don’t have to have huge knockers to enter (although there is a class for big boobs, both natural and artificially enhanced), because we raise a toast to all breasts.

In the Amateur Class we introduce the nervous first timers to the subject, warming them up to the subject, by issuing them with flimsy T Shirts and having our ‘Boob Handlers” hose them down in the preliminary ‘wet t’shirt’ segment of the show.

As both the amateurs and the professionals get a little more enthused, as their nipples start standing to attention, we bring on the engineers to put a more scientific spin on things.

We have our ‘breast engineers’ get out their micrometer and measure the diameter of all the nipples, as well as, determine the length of the little beauties by seeing just how many DVDs we can stack on each one. A truly scientific analysis of a strictly aesthetic subject!

Open to the public and all professional dancers, in either the amateur or professional classes respectively. Pool of prize money for all winners and place getters, along with victor’s sashes and other sponsor gifts.

A very well attended event and inevitably a queue forms outside the club – so get in early