The Voodoo Lounge is always looking for enthusiastic performers with a good work ethic who are keen to join the team.
 We welcome any Local, Interstate, or International dancers to apply to perform at the Voodoo Lounge.
 The following conditions apply to ALL applicants:

The Voodoo Lounge is an ‘Events Venue’ and we are always looking for any performing artist (showgirl, circus, cabaret singer, contortionist etc), to perform in either one of our bi-monthly events and / or at our After Midnight Shows. If you have a title, are a Centrefold or other photographic / magazine model, or have any performance ability and are considering touring ‘the West’, please contact us and let us know.


Dancers are expected to be familiar with the performance of pole tricks. Our club is very much focused on ‘performance’ and are recognized world-wide as having produced some of the greatest pole artists in the industry. At the centre of the dancer’s raison d’etre is the pole. Like the high priestess, it is her unique vantage point and based upon her personal prowess her ability to perform tricks takes her ‘beyond the reach of mere mortals’. As you become more skilled (the Voodoo Lounge will assist both the initiated and uninitiated alike to enhance their pole-skills: after all, we are home to both the state and national and international champions of the pole), your fitness and strength will grow and your self-confidence will blossom.


Included in the Voodoo Lounge Dancers Handbook is a DVD on Erotic Aerobics: all the quintessential moves and movements associated with erotic dance since time memorial. Once you learn these moves (dubbed ‘the secret women’s business’) your body will respond, toning up, firming, leaning in the right areas whilst filling out to take its perfect sensual form. It’s simple! It’s encoded in your female DNA: these moves provide the correct exercises and body responses, to release it, as well as, provide subtle techniques with which to ‘close the gap’ (convert a pole trick into a seductive move, which brings you close to the customer so that he can place a tipping dollar into your garter).


Every new applicant must undergo a trial interview before she can start at the club. These include:

  • Face to face interview with our Dancer Management Team.
  • A 5-minute demonstration performance on the podium (full nude).
  • Successful completion of all documentation (ID., working papers etc).
  • Interviews are held on week nights prior to the venue opening to the public..

We do not permit drug users, escorts or anyone with current  physical injuries to perform at the Voodoo Lounge.

Dancers are expected to be professional and polite at all times and abide by industry standards with regard to their performance and presentation.

We encourage a variety of nationalities, ethnic or racial diversity, mainstream and alternative looking dancers, as it enhances the colour and vibrancy of the room and contributes to a wider market appeal.

Apply toDAY

Please review our Dolls Page before choosing a Stage name.

Your name must not be identical or phonetically similar to existing dancers.

You must have a valid ABN before auditioning.
Your privacy is a priority. Any photos and videos taken by hired professionals within the venue may be used on our socials, websites, screens (internal and external), printing, and emails. If you do not wish to appear in any or all of these, please select "Private."
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