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Is striptese an art?

Striptease is a specific genre of performance which incorporates all the signifiers of such: costume, music and character within a thematic concern.  It is highly esoteric ritual drama, predicated on or under-pinned in psycho-drama, wherein as the performer disrobes (‘strips’), she projects signals and codes, and interprets the responses.  In doing so she deconstructs her audience’s sexuality.

The stripper, like the therapist, ‘teases out’ the strands of interpretation (thru her craft), always with her watchful eye awaiting the responses, providing her with further cues.  By reacting to the things she does as she disrobes, the audience betrays their sexual prediction to her. Every response or reaction he/she makes, verbal or physical (no matter how much he endeavors’ to hide it), furthers the codes transmitted.


Thus it is, in the moment she stands naked, it is her audience (individually and collectively) who are fully exposed before her omniscient gaze.  It is the cerebral expose of the individual, even whilst surrounded by other people which makes the experience so intensely personal. “It is as though she sees into my soul”. It is “in her eye”.


Contrary to the urban myths, the stripper does not cross over into prostitution, for to do so would be to abrogate the power she attains through her performance.  The hard work that goes into preparing her performance, the hours of rehearsal, costuming, developing the spatial relations necessary to acquire the ‘all seeing eye’, are not things to be thrown away by allowing the audience to invade her sacred space and body.  To the contrary, striptease relies on maintaining that sacred space, that is its defining point.


The Voodoo Lounge has played host to all the great and legendary striptease artists in this nation.  We continue to develop the art-form here and tour national and international artists, as well as, play host to some of the most prestigious striptease competitions in Australia today.

Our commitment to this unique genre of performing arts is demonstrated by the fact we have secured the rights to the prestigious S.T.A.R. Awards (Striptease Artists Recognition Awards), which we hold every year in June.  At this Black Tie, industry event the best striptease artists and other industry stalwarts all gather to pay tribute to the best performers of the past year, with the winners taking home the iconoclastic STAR Award Trophies.