What is a lap dance?

A Lap-dance is, essentially, a private striptease performance between you and the dancer of your choice.

It is the cumulation of the Tipping Game and an adventure into the world of “the secret women’s business”.

Men, women and couples all take advantage of this phenomenon. 

Lap-dancing is so widely recognised for its intensity, with all senses being stimulated at one time in one place (aural, sight, scent, touch, one omnipotent mixture), that it is now part of the curriculum of most women’s self awareness and femininity courses.  

Many of our dancers teach the basics of lap-dancing to many consciousness raising groups, pole-dancing studios and hen’s parties.

So well respected and skilled are the Voodoo dancers they helped us win multiple Awards at the Australian Industry Awards (including: Best Gentleman’s Club and Best Entertainment Venue).

So don’t be shy, give it a try the next time you drop in with your friends, lover or wife. And, don’t miss out on our Wednesday and Thursday nights, when the dancers can spend more time with you than they can during the hectic weekends.

Cost of Lap-Dances

The minimum cost of a Lap-dances begins at $50 .  As all Artists are sole-traders (responsible for providing any invoices or receipts for their services) it is acceptable for you to negotiate the fee directly with them.  Majority of our dancers usually change $100 per dance but some dancers (e.g. Competition Winners, and some ‘fetish orientated’ performers), may charge more than this.  However, don’t hesitate to ask our Maitre De, Receptionists, MC / DJ, Entertainment Manager or any of the Waitresses for an introduction to the dancer of your choice.  We are all there to ensure your visit to our venue is like a visit to the carnival, with ‘all the rides of the show’.


The following rules apply, with respect to lap-dance etiquette and legal prohibitions:

  1. You must ascertain the terms and conditions of the lap-dance (cost and duration) prior to entering the lap-dance booth.
  2. Dancers are not prostitutes and it is an offense to solicit them for those purposes.
  3. You must not touch the dancer with your hands.
  4. You must not take any drink into the lap-dance booth.
  5. You must conduct yourself in a polite and respectful manner at all times whilst the lap-dance is in process.
  6. It is not acceptable to use lewd, improper or obscene language, anytime, anywhere in the Voodoo Lounge, to any dancer or any other patron or staff member.


Breach of these rules may result in you being evicted from the venue and litigation commenced against you.

The full Terms and Conditions are posted at the Entry of the Lap-dance Booth Area.