The following information applies to all Competitions held at the Voodoo Lounge and must be read and understood by all Competitors prior to participating.

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Miss Entertainer 2024


The Competitor is the person whose name was entered in the form field for this Competition.

The Competition is the title presented below (for example, Miss Entertainer).

The Prizes are the rewards described under “Points & Prizes.”

The Judges will consist of Sponsors, special guests, and industry performers with experience and an understanding of their industry.

The Venue is the Voodoo Lounge. Located at 174 James Street, Northbridge.

A Briefing will occur downstairs in the “High Roller Room” at 9:00pm on which must be attended by all Contestants.



Solo Routine.

Routines must be 8-10mins in length and is contestants responsibility to provide music.

Miss Entertainer is a traditional showgirl performance where you entertain the audience with a themed strip tease to full nude.



The Competition will take place on Wednesday the 17th July Contestants are encouraged to arrive no later than 8:45pm for a Briefing at 9:00pm. Showtime is 9:30pm and presentations should conclude around Midnight.


Contestant is to start in costume and strip to nude.

Props are allowed but strictly NO fire to be used.

Wet endings are permitted with use of drop sheet, water based products ONLY are to be used.

Contestant will need to provide own towels.

Contestants may wear any pleaser or flat soled shoes but NO slamming shoes on the stage. Please do not wear metal soled or tipped footwear as the Podium is glass and can shatter.


All music will need to be organised and attached in your entry form at least 6 days before competition.

Please bring a back up on USB on the night.


There are four different Criterias of which all Contestants will be judged on throughout all Categories:

Costume & Presentation, Use of Stage & Presence, Performer Skill Set, Crowd Response, Entertainer Factor.

Titles and Prizes are as follows:

2nd Runner Up

Sash, Tiara and $100 Cash

1st Runner Up

Sash, Tiara and $300 Cash


Sash, Tiara and $600 Cash

Receives S.T.A.R Award ‘Entertainer of the Year’ at following years S.T.A.R Awards event.


The Venue is available for practice if needed, please contact Candice to arrange times.

If you are unfamiliar with the Podium and Stage, it is recommended to visit during or outside of opening hours, prior to the Competition. Please contact Candice in the “Further Information” section below if you would like to arrange a date and time to visit.


Please be respectful of all Contestants, Staff and Crowd members. You will be in close proximity to Contestants and Crowd members so unintentional physical contact may occur.

A link to digital copies of the Participation and Photo/Video Waivers can be viewed here. These must be read before the Competition and will be presented for signing at the initial Briefing.


Please contact Candice, our Venue Services Co Ordinator with any questions.