The following information applies to all Competitions held at the Voodoo Lounge and must be read and understood by all Competitors prior to participating.

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Miss Stripper WA



The Competitor is the person whose name was entered in the form field for this Competition.

The Competition is the title presented below (for example, Miss Stripper WA).

The Prizes are the rewards described under “Points & Prizes.”

The Judges will consist of Sponsors, special guests, and industry performers with experience and an understanding of striptease.

The Venue is the Voodoo Lounge, located at 174 James Street, Northbridge.

A Briefing will occur at 9:00pm on both nights which must be attended by all Contestants.

A Heat takes place during a single night if the Competition is divided into two separate nights.


Miss Stripper WA is a brand new event at the Voodoo Lounge, created for the State’s striptease and skimpy dancers to parade and showcase their talent in two Heats. The Host for both nights will be Mike Mayhem, with music provided by DJ Munch. There will be approximately six Judges at both Heats. Please read the following instructions carefully as failing to comply may result in point reduction or disqualification.


The Competition will take place across two Heats on Wednesday the 19th and 26th of April. Contestants are encouraged to arrive no later than 8:45pm through the side door on Mountain Terrace for a Briefing at 9:00pm on both nights. Showtime is 9:30pm and proceedings should conclude around Midnight.


Contestants must wear lingerie which is to be removed during the Lapdance and Striptease Rounds. Contestants will wear a t-shirt during the Wet T-Shirt Round (provided) in Heat 1, and must remove their underwear during the Booty Shake Round in Heat 2.

Pleasers must be worn during the Lapdance and Striptease Rounds. They cannot be worn during the Wet T-Shirt and Booty Shake Rounds as there is a risk of slipping or falling. Contestants may wear any flat footwear with grip or go barefoot for these Rounds. Please do not wear metal soled or tipped footwear as the Podium is glass and can shatter.

Props are allowed during the Striptease Round in Heat 2, however this must be screened and approved by the Coordinator on the night.


All music will be provided by DJ Munch and consist of popular striptease performance music. The music will be chosen at random for all Contestants to encourage improvisation.


Both Heats will start and finish with single file Parades around the Podium, with each Competitor pausing centre stage to be introduced by the Host.


The Wet T-Shirt Round involves the Contestant standing in a shell pool (located at the rear of the Stage) as two Crowd members douse their t-shirt with spray bottles. They will then walk to centre Podium on towels and emphasise their breasts to the Judges and Crowd and rip off the t-shirt, before turning and exiting via backstage.

The Lapdance Round involves a two minute lapdance on a wooden chair positioned centre stage, to music provided by the DJ. The Contestant is encouraged to invite someone to receive the lapdance while stripping, otherwise a Crowd member or fellow Dancer can be chosen. The entire Podium can be used, but the two Poles are off limits.


The Booty Shake Round involves the Contestant shaking and twerking on the Podium, during which their underwear must be removed. They will then stand on a vibrating exercise machine at the rear of the Stage while facing away from the Crowd, which will be activated to shake their booty before exiting via backstage.

The Striptease Round involves a four minute traditional striptease show, to music provided by DJ Munch. Contestants can use the entire Podium, including Poles, and must strip completely. They are encouraged to emphasise their figure, technique, and athleticism to impress the Judges and Crowd.


There are three common scoring Criteria for both Heats: Best Look (appearance and persona); Best Legs (attention to legs and confidence in movement around the Podium); and Crowd Noise (reaction or encouragement of the Crowd to cheer you on). The Wet T-Shirt, Lapdance, Booty Shake, and Striptease Rounds are all scored independently. All seven Criteria above will count towards the Miss Stripper WA title.

Titles and Prizes are as follows:

The Best Look
$50 Cash, Trophy & Sash

The Best Legs
$50 Cash, Trophy & Sash

The Wet T-Shirt Round
Runner-Up – $100 Cash, Trophy & Flowers
Winner – $200 Cash, Trophy & Sash

The Booty Shake Round
Runner-Up – $100 Cash, Trophy & Flowers
Winner – $200 Cash, Trophy & Sash

The Lapdance Round
Runner-Up – $100 Cash, Trophy & Flowers
Winner – $300 Cash, Trophy & Sash

The Striptease Round
Runner-Up – $100 Cash, Trophy & Flowers
Winner – $300 Cash, Trophy & Sash

Miss Stripper WA
$500 Cash, Trophy, Sash, Tiara & Flowers


The Venue is available for practice if needed; however, please keep in mind this Competition is designed for freestyle striptease, so choreography or a theme is not necessary.

If you are unfamiliar with the Podium and Stage, it is recommended to visit during or outside of opening hours, prior to the Competition. Please contact BJ in the “Further Information” section below if you would like to arrange a date and time to visit.


Please be respectful of all Contestants, Staff and Crowd members. You will be in close proximity to Contestants and Crowd members so unintentional physical contact may occur.

A link to digital copies of the Participation and Photo/Video Waivers can be viewed here. These must be read before the Competition and will be presented for signing at the initial Briefing.


Please contact BJ the Events & Marketing Manager with any questions on 0476 347 333 or