The Voodoo Lounge Perth Selection of Whiskey in WA

The Voodoo Lounge Venue

At the Voodoo Lounge we recognise that good bar service is essential to customer satisfaction.  There is nothing worse than entering a bar and having the bar service not only refuse to catch your eye, but not recognise you when you are a regular patron or member of the club.  We train our staff to pay attention to each and every customer and ensure his drink is exactly what he ordered: if they say ‘with a dash’ of mixer, we either ensure it is a ‘dash’ or provide him with a jug or bottle to obtain customer satisfaction.  Further, we encourage our staff and practice ‘game playing’ wherein we train ‘memory retention’ to supply you with the drink of your choice, served as you want it, every time.

It is also the policy of the bar to ensure ladies in a group, particularly when it is their first time to our premises, are treated respectfully and with courtesy, and with a fine selection of cocktails.  But as with men, we will not tolerate any misogyny toward other female patrons or our dancers, by either sex.  As also, we will not permit any person to remain on the premises who breaches any of the Conditions of Entry (posted on the front doors and on the notice board at the head of the stairs).

Voodoo Bar Staff have all attended Responsible Service Courses, and comply with responsible service practices, when it comes to the handling of liquor.  We will not tolerate any drunk or abusive persons, should they enter our club.   If any person becomes violent with any other patron or with our staff we reserve the right to litigate against them, as our Conditions of Entry are a legally binding covenant acknowledging patrons enter a contract binding them to this right, by paying entry and/or receiving a entry stamp to the premises on those terms and conditions.

The Voodoo Lounge has weekly Drink Specials and boasts one of the best Whiskey selections in Western Australia.